Advantages Of Traveling Solo

As someone who loves to travel (if you couldn’t already tell!), I also love to share that passion with others. Indulging in travel experiences with another person or even a group of people is something that is very special. In a way, it creates a bond that can never again be replicated. However, I have recently discovered there are many advantages of traveling solo. You heard that correctly…traveling alone. By yourself. The thought alone might terrify some. Especially when immersing yourself into a new, unfamiliar environment.

But just think about it for a minute, traveling alone makes trip planning easier. Getting everything ready for a solo trip – booking flights, making hotel reservations, and scheduling city tours – is such a breeze when you only have yourself to consider. Instead of have to dealing with the stress of the dreaded group text, the planning process will be head-ache free.

Once you arrive at  your destination, your days ahead are for you to control. Whether you want to lounge by the pool, hike up a trail or go to a museum, the only person who runs the show will be you – and at your own leisure! So whether you are a morning person or late-sleeper, it will be up to you to decide when you want to start the day. It’s a much less stressful experience than deciding everything as a group and honestly, makes for a more relaxing trip.

Also, it is much easier to stick to your budget. Have you ever tried to split a dinner check with a group of friends at a restaurant? Even though you have only had a glass of water and a light appetizer, you still have to end up paying for the more expensive meals your friends opted for. Basically, traveling in groups can be very expensive. Especially when the group democracy votes for the most expensive restaurant in town or an un-expected beer run, all of the costs add up. But when you are traveling solo, you make all the decisions! Sticking to your budget and being aware of where your dollars are spent will be much easier. 

Overall, there are so many advantages to traveling solo. Being independent in a new city can definitely be a little scary, however just think about how exhilarating it can be! I don’t want be cliche and encourage you to “find yourself”, but give it a try. Make plans for YOU. Meet new people. Try a new restaurant. And most importantly, revel in the fact that you are conquering the world on your own.

Until our next excursion…xo


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