New York State of Mind

New. York. City.

One of my favorite places to get lost. The brightest gem on the East Coast. Luckily enough, I am only a 45 minute train ride from the center of the world! However, whether you are close by or many miles away, traveling to New York City should be on everyones bucket list.

There is something so magical about walking through the concrete jungle that the feeling is almost indescribable. New York City is filled to the brim with things to do, places to go and people to see. And the special thing is, there is something for everyone! Everything about the city screams inclusion and excitement waits at the end of every street corner. If you have been to the city once or even a million times, it is impossible to be bored.  Although it has been awhile since my last trip to the city, I definitely wanted to share with you all why its so special.

I first and foremost, have to highlight the food. New York City is the epicenter of all things delicious. Whatever craving you are experiencing, you name it and NYC has it. As you’re walking through Times Square or 42nd Street, you are enticed by the largest array of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, pizza joints and hot dog stands. Whenever I go, I always try to indulge in something new and different!


Eclair Bakery, 305 E 53rd St.


Best hotdogs in NYC! 2090 Broadway, NYC

The second best thing that I love about NYC is Times Square! There is something so magical about being surrounded by the bright lights, massive LED screens and the beautiful, busy-like atmosphere. Everywhere you turn there is something brand new to immerse yourself in and discover. Everything you need is right in the epicenter of Times Square, such as a many incredible restaurants, attractions, shopping stores and even entertainment. Something is always going on in Times Square, whether it may be a live performance or art display.


Times Square, 2015


Times Square, 42nd Street, 2015

After taking a peak at the beautiful lights of Times Square, the best way to achieve balance is to visit Central Park. Only a short taxi cab ride away, Times Square is a wonderful site to stroll through. The park is massive and during every season, there is always something going on! For example, I last visited the park  a few winters ago and they had everything from hot chocolate stands to interactive art displays. In the summer, yoga classes, sports events and other fun activities are available. Also, Central Park is located next to plenty of great attractions, such as The Met and the Museum of Natural History!


Central Park, 2015

Finally, a recent discovery I made was the beauty of Soho. After jumping on the subway and stopping at Canal Street, it is amazing how you feel as if you were placed in a different world. Compared to the bustling streets of Time Square, Soho is a cool, collected hipster central! Walking the cobblestone streets and grabbing a latte at a local cafe made me feel like a savvy, chic new yorker. The buildings reflect early 1920’s architecture that not only brings you back in time, but helps you appreciate the beauty that is New York. Soho also has art galleries, museums, historical landmarks, theaters, restaurants and incredible night life. Basically, there is something for everyone!


Soho, 2015

Although I haven’t even covered half of what New York City has to offer, these highlights definitely reflect what an amazing destination it is. Every trip to the city brings about something new and exciting, quite honestly, I don’t think many places yield that power. Adventure awaits in this concrete jungle and I have already made a list on the sites I must visit next time I am in NYC. I cannot wait for my next trip to the Big Apple!

Comment below what your favorite thing to do in New York City is!

Until the next excursion….xo


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