Dollar Store Packing Hacks

As I have started planning my mini birthday getaway (yay, Atlantic City!), I have started to plan what it is I will pack! Don’t get me wrong, I love packing for getaways because it literally places you in that “vacation mode”. But over the years, I have discovered a few mishaps when opening my suitcase after a long plane ride or a road trip…

For example, if I did not lock my lotion bottle all the way, I would be left with a sticky and messy suitcase disaster. I would find that my jewelry would become too tangled or lost in the suitcase abyss by just simply throwing it in a side pocket. Even worse, loose cables, such as my phone charger, headphones or laptop charger are always tangled in such a mess that the frustration begins to sour my vacation!

But not to fret…because there is a solution! After much travel experience, I have found that there are many great and most importantly, inexpensive hacks to make packing a breeze. I have even learned from Pinterest and other travel blogs that I follow that there are many cool and convenient hacks available…and thankfully enough, they work wonderfully!

Admittedly I am a dollar store fiend and I have found that most of these hacks can be accomplished by picking up simple things in one trip! Here are my favorite dollar store packing hacks:

  1. Seal lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles with plastic wrap: This is by far one of the most important hacks I discovered. I went through a period of traveling where I always found my shampoo or lotion containers oozing from the caps. The best thing to do with containers with liquid is to wrap them up in plastic wrap. However, there’s a trick! You must uncap the container, wrap the plastic around the opening and screw the cap back on, that way it will ensure that the liquid remains completely inside. This is great and inexpensive way to save your product and avoid any mess!03c1c4e5c93b212e40c794c3369528b2
  2. Empty Chapstick containers hide valuables: If you are like me, whenever I am done with a tube of cherry Chastick, I’ll just chuck it away and buy a new one. However, by cleaning and using the empy containers it is a great way to hide valuables. Think about it, aren’t you a little paranoid about leaving your cash or jewelery behind on your beach towel when taking a dip in the ocean? Or when you throw your valuables into your suitcase? The best solution is to stick them in a convenient chapstick tube as a perfect disguise and storage device.
  3. Plastic Binders to keep wires untangled: I absolutely hate tangled wires. It is a extremely frustrating time to untangle wires on vacation when you should be immersing yourself in relaxation! This perfect dollar store hack is a great way to avoid the frustration and keep all wires (headphones, chargers, ect.) tangle-free!
  4. Pot holders make great heat-proof holders for accessories: I am always paranoid about leaving hot flat irons on a hotel counter or just thrown around in my bag. A great way to avoid any hot mishaps is to pick up a $1 pot holder or oven mit and place your accessories right in! This is also a great way to organize your luggage by exactly where your straightener or blow dryer is at all times!  
  5. Shower caps to cover the bottom of your shoes: When on vacation, I love to explore the surrounding area! For example, when I went to the Pocono Mountains in the fall, we spent an entire day hiking trails along the mountains. As you could imagine, my sneakers were covered in dirt and when it came time to pack them back up, I was super paranoid. I ended up stealing a roll of hotel toilet paper and wrapping them up that way! However, by simply purchasing a shower cap, it is the perfect way to cover the soles of any style of shoe.
  6. Contact cases are great holders for liquid makeup: Whenever I go on vacation, my makeup bag is always busting at the seams. Bringing a whole bottle of liquid foundation just seemed unnecessary when I would only be on a vacation for a short while. Therefore, purchasing a contact case and squeezing all you need in the compartments is a fabulous way to save space. And it doesn’t just have to be makeup! When using other products, such a moisturizer or lotion, it can also be conveniently placed in a contact case. 
  7. Pill cases are great for accessories: Let’s face it, packing accessories is never an easy task. Your favorite earrings are either thrown in a side pocket or tangled with an array of necklaces in a makeup bag. The best way to avoid lost or tangled jewelry is to pack them in a pill case! They offer them in a variety of colors at the dollar store and it is a great hack to keep all accessories organized. 
  8. Floatie + Wine Bottle = Genius!: This is by far my favorite hack! Since my next getaway will be for my birthday, I am beyond prepared to bring along a bottle of my favorite bubbly. The best way to avoid the breakage of wine bottles (or any glass bottle, when you think about it!) is to place a floatie around it! Pretty neat, huh?
  9. Straws are perfect for necklaces: Pick up a box of straws at your local Dollar Tree and you will not be disappointed! Everyone knows how frustrating it is when necklace becomes tangled. By stringing your favorite necklaces through a straw, it is a guaranteed to be in perfect condition. 
  10. Dryer Sheets on top of your suitcase: Although it may sound weird at first, placing dryer sheets on top of a suitcase is a great way to freshen up your suitcase! If you’re like me, I store my suitcase in the attic, which always leaves it smelling old and musky. With the dryer sheets, it is guaranteed to leave your belonging smelling great…even after the vacation is over!So, take advantage of these inexpensive hacks! Guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

Until the next excursion…xo


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