Crafting The Perfect Roadtrip Playlist

If you have ever been on a road trip, you know that a musical playlist is an essential key. Whether it may be a three hour trip or a couple days on the road, jamming to the perfect playlist is the best way to make the most of your trip. Basically, it is the perfect way to make time fly by, as well as get into the “vacation mode”!

When making my playlist, I always plan ahead! That way I can plug in my USB cord and begin my perfect jam sesh. I love using Spotify, a music, podcast and video streaming service. It does require a monthly subscription, however since I am a college student, I do get a  killer discounts ($4.99/monthly vs. $9.99/monthly) Also, Spotify does provide a large variety of artists and albums for any genre of music that you may be interested in!


On the contrary, there are plenty of other great music apps available, such as Apple Music, Tidal  and Amazon Music. Essentially, each app is unique, so I would highly recommend doing your research on which steaming music service fits your needs. Personally,  I love Spotify because of the wide variety my favorite artists and allows each user to create a personalized playlist with much ease.

The best way to make a playlist is to include what the tracks that you like best, of course! I always like to include upbeat and high-energy music on my playlist since it keeps me motivated behind the wheel. However, everyone is different! Therefore, always keep in mind when creating a playlist what music will keep you elevated and excited to continue on your journey!

I also like to keep in mind the interests of others who may be traveling with me. Not everyone has the same tastes in music. For example, I am obsessed with anything Taylor Swift, whereas my boyfriend (who is usually my roadtrip companion) loves heavy metal. Although they are two opposite genres, I always keep in mind to include a mixture of both in my playlist!

Below I included my most recent roadtrip playlist:

  1. Passionfruit, Drake
  2. Chained to The Rythym, Katy Perry
  3. Thats What I Like, Bruno Mars
  4. Dive, Ed Sheeran
  5. It Aint Me, Selena Gomez (feat. Kygo)
  6. Rockin’, The Weekend
  7. Bohemian Rhapody, Panic! At the Disco
  8. Everyday, Ariana Grande
  9. Play That Song, Train
  10. Gravity, John Mayer

As you could probably already tell…my playlist is a little all over the place…okay, maybe a lot all over the place! My top ten favorite tracks (at the moment) are from many different genres! However, this playlist is guaranteed to keep me positive and pumped for the road that lies ahead and that my friends, is what is most important!

Keep in mind that your playlist will always be unique to you and what will keep you pumped for the getaway that lies ahead!

Until our next excursion….xo


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