Road Trip Foodies: Best Snacks For Your Next Road Trip!

As my road trip to Boston is coming up in just one week (YAY!), it’s time to start thinking about the important details….the snacks of course! As a huge foodie myself, going shopping for snacks is always one of my favorite parts of planning a lengthy road trip. In total, it will take 4 hours to get to Boston from Jersey, and although it isn’t a huge time lapse, the thought of my belly grumbling the whole way is enough to make sure I am prepared.

During past road trips, I am always the type to refuse to stop (unless it’s for gas of course) because I am super pumped to get to the final destination! Therefore, stopping at local fast food joints that align the highway is not only time consuming, but expensive. I always want to save my allotted road trip funds for my destination! So grabbing an assortment of your favorite foods is the best way to save on $$ and fulfill your hunger cravings. Here are some of my best snacks to have for your next road trip:

  1. Beverages

Whether it may be water, juice or soda – pack what you like best! Personally, water bottles are always my go-to beverage! I have a handy mini cooler (check out the dollar store if you need!) I always bring and filling it with beverages for every road trip. Even if you don’t have a cooler, you can always pick up a couple bottles of your favorite beverage the next time you fill up on gas. This is the perfect way to stay hydrated throughout your trip!

       2. Fruits

From bananas, apples to the little cutie oranges! This is the perfect healthy snack to keep you full. My last summer road trip, I filled a Ziploc with frozen grapes! Dried fruits are also a great alternative.

3. Chips & Pretzels

Although this is the not so healthy alternative, they are great munchies! I am huge Cheez-It fanatic and I always find that I immediately grab a box (or two) for my trips. So just simply grabbing a box or bag of your favorite crunchy food with definitely conquer your salty cravings!

     4. Nuts

I am a huge almond lover so I always have  a large container handy, and bringing them along for lengthy car rides are a must! Having a handful of almonds or any other nut alternative keeps me full and is also a great source of protein! Trying trail mix is also a great option to consider too.

      5. Crackers

Whether it may be grabbing a bag of Goldfish or a box of Ritz, crackers are fantastic road trip munchies! Crackers come in so many different varieties and flavors, so by heading down the grocery aisle there will definitely be something you can scoop up! Sometimes I’ll even bring along cheese slices an ultimate road trip snack.

6. Cheese Sticks

Okay, so I know I’m not in elementary school anymore…but I can’t be the only one who loves cheese sticks! They are a fun and delicious snack to enjoy at anytime.

7. Yogurt

I am huge fan of Chobani Greek Yogurt and just one cup is bound to keep me full for hours! The great thing about any kind of yogurt is that it comes in so many flavors to fit any craving. Also, adding in some dark chocolate chips, almonds or coconut shavings in a cup of yogurt is such a fun and delicious treat!

8. Gum

Personally, I think gum is a must-have for any road trip! Although I am unsure if it its under the “snack” category, chewing on some fresh minty gum is the perfect way to stay alert and awake during those long car rides!

I will be heading to ShopRite within the past couple of days to stock up on my road trip munchies! The reality that Spring Break is coming soon is really starting to hit me and I cannot wait to share with you all my next big east coast trip!!

Until our next excursion…xo




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