Why Having a Travel Diary is a Must-Have!

A few years back, I adopted the idea of writing my travel experiences in a diary. Growing up, I have always loved the idea of writing about my thoughts in a diary – especially during those awkward teenage years (where the drama was always flourishing). As we get older, finding the time to sit down and write about  “life” is sometimes impractical and I found my collection of diaries collected dust in the corner of my book shelf.

However, I discovered that its all about the passion! When I discovered how much I LOVE to travel, I knew I had to channel that passion somewhere. In this day in age where technology rules the world, we are often capturing moments through micro-lenses and digital screens. And don’t get me wrong, this is a great way to document a vacation. Grabbing your new Cannon to capture a beautiful beach scenery or posting your night out in a new town on your SnapChat story are all great ways to capture moments.

But…hear me out! There is nothing like having a unique and memorable artifact to hold with you forever. As cliche as that sounds, a travel diary is a physical treasure that you can flip through for many days, years and decades to come. It allows you to write about those experiences from your perspective. Just think about the pages you could fill with every spontaneous road trip or your next out-of-this-world vacation! Looking back, it will transport you back to the blissful past every time your eyes absorb those memories again.


Recently purchased a new travel diary! Home Goods, $5.99

Personally, not only do I write about my travel experiences in my diary, but I fill it with a bunch of different other cool things, such as receipts from my new favorite restaurants, concert tickets, printed out photos, and even little pieces of nature. For instance, when I went hiking in the Poconos last fall I found a heart-shaped leaf and taped it in my diary. Or  when I went to a concert in Upstate New York, I saved the tickets and wrist bracelet to include in my diary. By including these personal touches, it just makes a travel diary even more special. Just think how in ten years, how much it would mean to look back at your past memories!


So I encourage everyone who is reading this post to go out and grab a travel diary! You absolutely will not regret it.

Until next excursion…xo


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