My Favorite Things To-Do in West Palm Beach, Florida

Growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida has definitely spoiled me! This east coast destination is definitely one that keep close to my heart. Since moving to New Jersey a few years ago, I have tried to make an appoint to travel back as much as I can, because let’s face it – WPB is paradise and for those who have never been, I 1000% recommend! I can definitely say that I took advantage of living in the sunshine state and now that I am 1,200 miles away, I am missing every bit of it.

West Palm Beach  is located on the east coast of south Florida and is a magical tourist wonderland. It is the center of gorgeous beaches, restaurants, night life, shopping and fun attractions for all ages. Most importantly, the weather remains at  beautiful temps all year around so whether you are traveling in the summer or winter, you will always have the opportunity to take advantage of what WPB has to offer!

Although it would probably be impossible to list my favorite things to do when back home, I listed a couple of my favorite things to do when I am back home…

City Place

Ohhhh, CityPlace! When visiting West Palm, this will be the top destination you must visit! This upscale lifestyle center in downtown West Palm Beach is located along South Rosemary Avenue and is the premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Whether you are in the mood for some good eats or indulge in a comedy show, CityPlace has everything you are looking for. Macy’s, Muvico Parisian Movie Theater, LA Fitness and Publix are the center’s anchors. Hotspots include Panera Bread, Cheesecake Factory, Brio Tuscan Grill, (the famous!) Sloan’s Ice Cream, and Starbucks. In December 2013, Revolutions, a bowling alley, opened a location in CityPlace, which I personally have enjoyed very much!

{700 S Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401-6023}


City Place, July 2016


Palm Beach Zoo

This fun attraction is great for anybody of any age! According to their website, this zoo houses more than 550 animals (190 species), many of them endangered, within 23-acres of lush tropical habitat. As someone has visited this zoo on multiple occasions, I can definitely vouch how incredibly fun it is voyaging through the park and getting to see the exotic animal life! What is even better is that the zoo has several events throughout the month, such as Everglades restoration and Family Night!

{301 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405}


Palm Beach Zoo, Photo Cred:

Juno Beach

Okay so obviously West Palm Beach would be renowned for their beach….but its just so true! Living in New Jersey and going to school by the Jersey Shore, I always find myself comparing the two…and to me, nothing compares to Florida beaches. Although there are many beaches that align the coast, my favorite is Juno Beach. Almost a 20 minute drive from downtown West Palm Beach, it is hands down the most relaxing and serene. The beach is never too over crowded and you will always find a spot away from others. The ocean is crystal blue and warm all year around, and the sand is always so clean!! Another great feature is the Juno Beach pier, which is great for fishing and even snapping a great photo!

{Juno Beach, Florida 33408}


West Palm Beach (check out that seagull!)

Mounts Botanical Gardens

Mounts Botanical Gardens is a destination certainly worth adventuring to! It is the oldest and largest garden in West Palm Beach with over 2,000 specifies of tropical and sub-tropical plants from over six continents! The garden is sectioned off into different categories – such as, a butterfly garden with a dozen different species of butterfly or rose garden that is filled with indulgent aromas.

{531 North Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405}


Photo Cred:


When in West Palm Beach, Clematis Street is a must go! This street is the historical heart of downtown West Palm Beach and includes colorful boutiques, nightclubs, live music, restaurants, antique shops and historical landmarks. Thursday nights are the best time go explore as from 6-9pm when Clematis Street transforms into Clematis By Night – great live music and plenty of appetizing foods to enjoy!

{Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401}


Clematis St, Photo Cred:


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