Are you an “over-packer”? (I have your solution!)

Hey all!

So if there is one thing I am totally guilty of, it’s over-packing. Whenever I am planning for a trip, one of the first things I do is analyze the big question: “What will I pack?!” After making the booking official (whether a road-trip or long distance getaway), I will lug out by big red suitcase and commence the packing ritual…where I pack EVERYTHING!

I don’t really know where my logic stands, but my mind always breezes through a thousand different scenarios. “What if rains?” (Packs rain boots) “What if it gets too chilly?” (Packs seven cardigans) “What if I my heel breaks while walking through the city?” (Packs every single pair of pumps, boots, or even sandals for comfort.)

You guys, its ridiculous. I often find my suitcase either unbearably heavy or at the end of the trip, impossible to zipper shut. And what’s even more bizarre is that I often do not use half the stuff that I pack! But thankfully, I feel as if I have discovered a solution and since my big spring break road trip to Boston is coming up soon, I am more than excited to put them into action!

  1. Know the weather:  Something as simple as checking a weather app or logging into can go a long way! Once you aware of the weather patterns for next vacay, you have the opportunity to plan ahead and avoid any uncertainty.


    Quick example of the weather for West Palm Beach, FL! Most apps have a hour by hour replay of the weather for the day.

  2. Don’t pack “just in case” items: Repeat after me…less is more! Whenever I used to pack for vacation, I would always fill up my suitcase to its max capacity. and most of the time, I would never use half the stuff I packed! And more than likely, neither will you. Instead of stressing about the “what ifs”, take a deep breath and just pack the necessities. This is the best way to minimize luggage clutter!
  3. Clothes must be interchangeable:  This is a great tip to minimize your excessive luggage load! Instead of packing a dozen different outfits, make sure that your outfits are interchangeable. Instead, a cute cardigan can pair with a trendy pair of jeans or a flowery summer dress! The same way a pair of basic black leggings can be worn with an over-sized sweater or a cozy sweater dress. I promise, there are tons of different ways to alternate articles of clothing!0


    A great example of how universal a pair of black leggings can be! Photo Cred: Pinterest

  4. Pack more tops than bottoms: I usually never have an issue with this, since I naturally have more tops than bottoms in my closet. But I still always find myself in overpacking mode, so keep in mind that tops can always be interchangeable with bottoms (Just like I mentioned in tip #3!)
  5. Downsize your toiletries: Not to be weird, but I love travel sized toiletries! Instead of packing a full tube of toothpaste or an oversized 32oz bottle of shampoo, the best thing to do is to grab some mini’s from your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens or literally anywhere else that sells hygiene products. These tiny toiletries are a fairly inexpensive, a great way to save space and can be reused on future vacations!


    Mini kit from Target, $4.99

  6. Remember: You can do laundry while you are traveling!: People always tend to forget that most hotels and resorts have a convenient laundry room that is available to guests. So instead of packing an outfit a day, take advantage of the laundry perk and downsize! When planning your next trip, log onto the hotel website or give a quick call to the from desk to inquire if they have this amenity!

    Hilton Garden Inn’s are equipped with laundry rooms! Photo Cred: Hilton Garden Inn Website

    Overall, I hope these tips will encourage you all to rid of your luggage clutter! Remember your vacation is all about the memories and not about how much “stuff” you need to bring along with you. So downsize and dream big!

Until our next excursion…xo


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