Why a romantic getaway is the best gift for your significant other

Okay lets face it, as Valentine’s Day has came and went, I am sure that most of us felt a little stressed about what to get our significant others for the big day of love. Personally, my boyfriend always tends to brush off the idea of a gift with “I don’t need anything”, and anyone else in a relationship knows how frustrating that is! It is not like we can show up on the big day with nada! I would feel terribly guilty.

But in that same token, shopping for material items can be exhausting. In the past, I have found that the majority of the gifts I buy just seem to be a waste. For instance, last Valentine’s day I purchased him a gift card  to one of his favorite car product websites (He’s a huge car guy) and a button up flannel t-shirt. One year later, the flannel shirt is still hanging aimlessly in the closet and although the gift card was used, it just seemed extremely un-personable afterwards. Like something I would get a coworker or a distant aunt.

But I had an epiphany the other day while I was in the car listening to one of my favorite podcasts. If you guys have never heard of The Minimalists, I suggest you check them out ASAP. The podcast consists of two guys, Joshua Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus,  that help people live more meaningful lives with less. On my 40 minute commute to school, listening to their words of wisdom can be truly inspiring!


The Minimalist podcast is available to download at the Apple Store and online!

The episode that sparked my interest was Episode 52, “Stress”, which talked about how they handle stress, tension and anxiety. However, at the end of the episode they sparked a conversation about material things and how they are just so unnecessary to have. Milburn then stresses the importance of gifting people with experiences instead. For instance, instead of buying an expensive handbag or overpriced designer tie, purchase something that will create a life time of memories. That can be anything from a night out at a nice restaurant, concert tickets or a weekend away to somewhere you have never been!

You guys, I was literally dumbfounded by how great of an idea this was! As someone who is so incredibly passionate about traveling, why is that I had not thought of extending the gift of traveling towards others (in this V-Day case, my boyfriend.) So this Valentines Day, I purchased a romantic evening dinner cruise that loops around the New York City harbor for just the two of us. We have yet to make our reservation, but I cannot wait to experience the beauty of the city and a great meal with my one and only! And better yet, the look when he opened the gift was priceless – he has not stop talking about it since Tuesday!


Boyf’s Valentines Day Gift, Photo Cred: Cornucopia.com

I reminisce about the past and how our best memories as a couple have been the vacations we have taken together – whether big or small! This past Christmas we got to get away to the Borgata in Atlantic City, and for those who have not been, its a lovers paradise. This gorgeous hotel and casino includes spacious rooms (the shower is to die), delectable restaurants, a spa for a relaxing couples massage and even a jacuzzi tub in the indoor pool area. When I look back at that experience, it topped any other gift I received this past holiday – hands down!


Borgata Hotel & Casino, Photo Cred: The Spa Finder

So instead of stressing about what material item to score for your significant other, whether it be V-Day, a birthday or Christmas…consider a romantic getaway instead. It will give you memories to last a lifetime!

Until the next excursion…xo


2 thoughts on “Why a romantic getaway is the best gift for your significant other

  1. Evangelina07 says:

    That’s exactly my point. I wrote about that too.
    I could not recall if I got flowers for Valentine’s Day, but I do remember going to great places and creating memories together. They last a lifetime.


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