How to Travel on a College Student Budget

Hello all!

As a college student myself, I know the struggle of saving money. It is basically inevitable to stress about your personal funds in this day in age… especially considering how outrageously expensive a college education can be.  It can be a real bummer for a person who is dying to travel and personally, I know I have found myself in a situation where I thought that there could be no possible way that I can fulfill my wanderlust tendencies.

However, I have luckily found a solution! I have  broken the stigma of that college students cannot travel and instead have found some credible and affordable options that can defeat the struggle!

  1. Save, save, save!

And quite frankly, I know that this extremely redundant. A college student is always being told to “save money” and “how hard can it be?”. And YES, we may think that it is impossible. But it isn’t! I am not advocating that we put away thousands of dollars, but instead take it slowly. Instead how about putting away $20 dollars out of a weekly paycheck or hoarding the loose change that you find.  Instead of spending your birthday or Christmas money on something you probably will forget about in a year or so, let’s store it away for a rainy day,

Personally, I found that designating a mason jar for travel and throwing what I can in it, can go a long way! It is a cute and creative way to make a dream vacay a reality.  As long as you have your travel vision in mind, it is nearly impossible to not want to contribute to your own personal travel fund. Guaranteed!

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2. Groupon

First and foremost, I am OBSESSED with  Groupon. For those of you who are not familiar with this magical tool…Groupon is a mobile app that connects millions of subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in more than 28 countries. Basically, you can find low (in my opinion, the lowest!!!) rates on hotels, resorts, restaurants, and many other activities that  could be available within the location you are looking to travel to.


Available on iOS and Android, download it now!

For instance, back in November, I purchased on Groupon a Wine & Paint class for $20, that was originally $55! Although the location was only half hour away from where I live, it was in a town that I had never been to and it was a great experience for a low price! I also have a friend that booked an all exclusive vacation to the Bahamas (Airline included!) for $549! You cannot find these prices anywhere else!! Wherever you are planning to vacay, whether it may be 20 minutes away or the Caribbean destination of your dreams, Groupon will have something for you!

3. Trip Advisor

Point blank, I book all my hotels with Trip Advisor. Whether your are on the website or the mobile app, Trip Advisor finds you the lowest prices on all hotels within the area you are looking to travel to. What I like most about  this travel tool is that they provide customer reviews and photos so you can get a feel about your future booking before you even commit! Once I find the best hotel that aligns with what I am looking for, the app makes it simple to book the hotel, without any extra hoopla or stress.


Available for iOS and Android! Download now

Example of booking a hotel in Boston! SImple and easy!

Example of booking a hotel in Boston! SImple and easy!

Trip Advisor also offers many other features such restaurant reviews and booking flights. Although I have yet to take advantage of these in particular, I do not doubt their credibility. Finding a cheap hotel is key and I know that I am never disappointed when using Trip Advisor!

4. Be Positive!

This last step is KEY! As cliche as it may sound, obtaining a positive mindset is what really will drive you to your goal. Traveling is where my heart lies and I will always brush away the negativity that tells me that I cannot have what I desire. By keeping your head up, you will be surprised at to what you can accomplish. So if traveling is what you are seeking,  then tell yourself that it can be done…and make it happen!

Overall, traveling and being a college student is not unattainable! Although our budgets may be tight, do not be discouraged!! Take it from personal experience, the above tips are the best way to make the best of the situation.

So together, let’s make the impossible…POSSIBLE!



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