Get Up and Go! (Be a more spontaneous traveler)

When life is getting you down, I think it is super important to seek traveling as a remedy. Personally, whenever I find whenever I am feeling down, I always think that getting away is such an important release. It’s the best medicine without a prescription from the doctor! Cheesy I know, but here me out…

This does not mean that I have to jump on the next flight to Australia! Because quite honestly, for most people that is extremely unrealistic. Although my wanderlust tendencies seem to lean that way, I have to real myself in and think about what I can do to realistically feed into my desire to travel.

So, it can be something as simple as getting into your car and just driving! You will be so surprised as to what you could discover. For instance, I moved to Central New Jersey about three years ago and I was so convinced that this state was nothing but a metropolitan epicenter filled with smoke stacks and over exaggerated shopping centers (Totally convinced that Jersey has a mall ever 5 miles or so. Its insane). But when I finally began began to travel beyond my comfort zone, that’s when I felt like an entirely different person. I do not mean to exaggerate or seem dramatic, but I truly mean it. Pushing my boundaries and traveling really brought such wonderful excitement to my life!

And that is what really encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone and really take a chance on where the road ahead can take me. The road ahead is paved by those who took the risk!

Spontaneous trip to Allentown, PA (Summer 2016)

Some of my best trips have been the ones that I did not think twice about. And quite honestly, I do not think that anyone will ever regret breaking away from the routine and just going! So get up, get out and go! Whether it may be to unfamiliar city, state or country – it is crucial to let go of your insecurities and take the risk. Life is too short not to guys. Always grasp “the now” and make the most of every moment.

And with that being said, always say yes to adventure!



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