The City of Brotherly Love

So if you must know something about it me is that I stress about EVERYTHING. Even things that haven’t even occurred yet. I am always trying my hardest to switch the worry button off, but I suppose its just in my nature.

So after a week of interviews regarding potential summer internships, I was just about spent. However, yesterday I got some incredible news — I got accepted to intern for a great company and in the field I will soon have a degree in!!! After receiving the news, I knew I had to reward myself in the best way I knew possible… Going on an adventure!

Since the Philadelphia Auto Show had finally made its annual return to the Philadelphia convention center, I figured this would be a great opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities on the east coast. So with a new adventure in mind, my boyfriend (Chris, I will refer to him a lot) and I jumped into my junky Nissan Sentra and took a mini day trip to the City of Brotherly Love.

If you have never been to the Philadelphia Auto Show, it is definitely an experience I would recommend if you are ever in the area during this time. This convention center is loaded with two stories full of cars that have been showcased around the world. One the first floor, was the DUB section that if you may not know, is a VAST selection of custom built cars. I found myself surrounded by lifted Ford pickups, Lamborghini’s, Porches, Corvettes and even the Evo that Paul Walker drove in the first Fast & Furious Movie!


Outside the Philadelphia Convention Center (feat. the boyf’s head)


Evo driven by Paul Walker


Just a few of the cars we got to see in the DUB section

After we explore the first floor, were taken to the second where every car company you could imagine was to showcase their models. You name it, whether it was Ferrari, Nissan, Jeep, Volkswagen, Sundial or Cadillac, they were there to have you sit in one of their luxury vehicles. It was incredible!

Afterwards, we of course had to make our way into center city Philadelphia. Even though there was a mass amount of pedestrians roaming the sidewalks, there is something so charming about Philly. We scurried towards North Broad Street to walk through the City Hall Building (which is structurally GORGEOUS) and then made our way to the Reading Terminal Market on 12th and Arch Street, the nations oldest running farmers market! This gem has over 80 vendors and so many food options that you can barely comprehend it.


City Hall, Philadelphia

I almost didn’t want yesterday to end. Philadelphia is always such a pleasure to visit and thankfully, it is pretty close to home. Pretty bummed that I didn’t get a cheesesteak, but forsure for next time 🙂 I cannot wait to make my way back there soon!

Until the next adventure…!





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