Traveling is good for the soul

Hi all,

I am so incredibly happy that you have made your way to my blog! Essentially, this blog will encompass my love for travel, road trips and the incredible destinations the East Coast has to offer. In honor of my first blog post, I just wanted to explain why I have decided to take on a new adventure and blog about my passion for traveling East Coast style!

Growing up, my parents always tried incredibly hard to take yearly vacations to get away from the routine things. Although money was tight growing up, there was always a way to make it work and make the time to get away – even if it was just for a little while. I was raised in sunny South Florida, and some of my best memories were day trips to Disney World and sprawling on a beach blanket in Daytona. As I got older, I remember the building excitement of arriving to an airport and boarding an aircraft or packing my mini suitcase in the back of our family mini van. Luckily enough,  my summers usually were spent in an exciting, yet unfamiliar destination!


Summer vacation circa 1998

As I got older and family vacations became scarcer, I found it more difficult to get away during the times I needed it most. My senior year of high school, I was immersed in a difficult transition and moved up north to New Jersey and found it so hard to assimilate myself into a new state. I found myself really bitter about the move, and as life got busier and busier I just felt… lost.

And that is the moment when I decided to make a lifestyle change. I will never forget getting in my car a few years ago and driving with no direction. I ended up seeing New Jersey in an ENTIRE different light. It was not just a state full of smog and large smoke pipes. I discovered beautiful state parks parks, quaint little coffee shops, incredible restaurants of all different cultures, tiny bookstores and even a historic museum or two.

Since then, whenever I feel life is too stressful or overwhelming, I get in my car and drive. I have even expanded my limits past New Jersey and have fallen in love with what the east coast have to offer. So far, I can now say that I have visited a bunch of different states up and down the East Coast. Including: Upstate New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia,South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, of course. And I am not stopping there!

My goal is too keep on keeping on, and to visit every major city within the nation. However, since being a broke college student has limited me some, I will continue diving into what the east coast has to offer. No matter what it takes, I am confident that I will get there. There are so many more places I am eager to visit and document with you all!

THIS is my east coast excursion.



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